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George McKinney is a PhoneGap User Group Manager sponsored by Adobe as well as an Elite Developer and User Group Manager with BlackBerry. George enjoys creating mobile, augmented reality and social game experiences. He has worked with Total Immersion, FLAR Toolkit, and Qualcomm Vuforia to create software for Disney, Kraft, LG, and Apparel News among others. George graduated from Stanford University and received his MBA from the University of Southern California. He is co-founder of Zukini Mobile, a mobile app development company in Los Angeles.


  • Augmented Reality Mobile App Development
  • Time: Wednesday @ 2:30pm | Room N-125

This talk is aimed at intermediate level developers who wish to create augmented reality mobile applications using JavaScript. We will assume previous experience in creating hybrid mobile application development. We will cover augmented reality concepts, relevant HTML5 web standards and create a Web application and a Mobile App. The Mobile App version will extend the web version by taking advantage of smartphone features to create a genuine augmented reality experience.

(All coding will be done in JavaScript and HTML using free and open source software)

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